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Who is not tempted by the offer of cheap online cosmetics stores ?. Cosmetics are a must for a woman. To be able to look more perfect, various types of cosmetics are applied to cover various deficiencies in the face area or some other body parts. No wonder if women spend most of their shopping money on cosmetics whose prices are certainly not cheap. Various brands from those who charge tens of thousands to millions of rupiah are selling well in the market, and of course the majority of consumers are women, although it is not uncommon for men to use cosmetics for their professional needs. And now along with the development of technology, beauty products are also offered in various ways, both through online and offline.
Online Cosmetics Shop Opportunities
In Indonesia, online shops have become a very attractive shopping alternative, especially for those with high levels of mobility. Various cheap online cosmetics shops encourage many women to shop via online, besides that there is a complete product offering that is not inferior to offline stores in general, even through this online shop, many consumers benefit both in terms of time and cost. As we know, by shopping at an online shop, you can just stay at home without having to get tired of going to a cosmetics shop, and more profitable in general, online shops offer their products at a cheaper price than the market price. This is what makes consumers increasingly interested in shopping cosmetics in an online shop.
But various tempting offers and conveniences also make many people trapped by the deception of unscrupulous online cosmetic stores. In general, this naughty cosmetics seller offers their products at more sloping prices and promising efficacy that is quite astonishing. In addition, cheap online cosmetics stores also provide original or original furniture in their products. This is what deceives many consumers, because it is very difficult to distinguish genuine and fake products through online purchases.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Online Cosmetics Stores
As previously stated, the high-cost online cosmetics store business opportunity is certainly based on various advantages that accompany it, both for consumers and for sellers. For sellers of this business would be a promising field, in addition to not requiring large capital, this business is also very easy and can be done anywhere. Therefore, online shops are often used as promising side businesses.
As for consumers, cheap online cosmetics stores are a very attractive shopping option. Consumers do not need to bother going to the store or mall to buy cosmetics, besides that in the online shop also has been provided a cosmetic catalogcomplete with description that you can take into consideration. Consumers in general also choose the online shop to look for imported cosmetic products that have not yet entered Indonesia, because buying through an online shop is generally cheaper. And that makes consumers more interested, through an online shop you can see the latest cosmetic product updates, and you can compare prices in several online shops before you buy it.
In addition to the various advantages offered, cheap online cosmetics stores also have a variety of shortcomings that make consumers hesitate to shop at online shops, which is partly because there are many unscrupulous cosmetic sellers who use online shops to make a profit. The number of artificial makeup products that are very similar to the original often outwit consumers especially with prices that are quite cheap, but this incident also makes consumers feel sorry and disadvantaged. As we know, online shop is a sales system that utilizes technology and the internet, so consumers cannot directly see the cosmetic products they want to buy and only see the condition of goods through catalog images only. Can not try and adjust to the skin condition and requires a long time for the process of shipping goods.

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