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Teacher's Day is a day to show respect for teachers and to be celebrated on different dates in each country. In Indonesia itself the National Teachers Day commemoration falls on November 25th. For international since 1994, the world's Master's Day is commemorated every October 5th.

National Teachers Day is not an official holiday, but it is celebrated in the form of memorial ceremonies in schools and the provision of services to teachers, principals, and other school tools. HGN is commemorated in conjunction with the birthday celebration of Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI). This began with the struggle of the teachers of the country through the Indies Teachers Association (PGHB) in 1912. This unitaristic organization comprised of auxiliary teachers, village teachers, principals, and school owners. Generally they served in the Village School and People's School Number Two. At the same time, there are also teachers organizations with diverse backgrounds such as religion, nationality, and others.

About two decades later the name changed to PGHB Indonesian Teachers Association (PGI). The addition of the word "Indonesia" shocked the Dutch government. The reason, the word reflects the spirit of nationalism.

The awareness of nationalism and the spirit of the struggle encouraged indigenous teachers to fight for equal rights with the Dutch. Gradually, the post of HIS Head (Hollandsch Inlandsche School or Dutch school for bumiputera) was taken over by Indonesians. Finally, the ideal of the realization that the struggle of Indonesian teachers was no longer about the improvement of fate and equality of rights and positions with the Dutch, but culminated into a national struggle.

The Japanese government banned all organizations and closed all schools and silenced the PGI. It was only after the proclamation of independence on August 17, 1945, PGI re-wriggle. The Indonesian Teachers Congress was held on 24-25 November 1945 in Surakarta. The congress participants agreed to eliminate all organizations and groups of teachers based on differences in graduates, work environment, regional, political, religious and tribal environment. This is the forerunner of active teaching teachers, retired active fighters, and newly formed Indonesian education officials.

They finally inaugurated the birth of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) on November 25, 1945. Since then, the government set the birthday of PGRI as National Teacher Day and made it a moment of respect to unsung heroes in the country.

My teacher ...

Soon you will be birthday. I try to recall and open the memory sheets are still tight in my mind. Twelve years ago when I first got to know the word "Master" and for the first time I set foot in a place called "School" With fear and shyness I was coming to you.

My teacher ...

Your smile as warm as the morning sun and with your melodious greetings erase it all. You taught me the meaning of sharing with others, cultivating a sense of empathy and help-help. With full patience and perseverance, you taught me letter by letter until strung word for word. You teach me the Islamic values, from start sharing, performing wudoo, praying, reciting, and fasting.

My teacher ...

Nothing felt, three years have passed. With the accompaniment of tears, you let me go. I wondered then. Why are you sad to let me go? Should not you be glad I'm bigger and smarter? The question can only be answered now. Apparently there is a tremendous emotional bond between a teacher and his student.

My teacher ...

Entering a higher level in education, I'm no longer nervous about you. Thanks to your love in educating and teaching me. You taught me to process various numbers, make an essay to speak in public. You do all that patiently, but I see it all in one eye. I just realized that it was a very difficult task, to be a teacher. Then, six years we have passed. We laugh together, happy together, to sad too together. What a wonderful time. When we meet in class for the last time, you do it again. You're dripping your tears again. This time I begin to understand why you do it every time there is a word "farewell".

My teacher ...

Maybe you are not a perfect man. I remember when you scolded me. But I think it's a very wise behavior to remind me to return to the right path. Indeed, your emotions are sometimes uncontrollable. But the cause is all of us. Truly, to me you are an almost perfect human figure.
Now I'm growing up. Alhamdulillah I can go through the times to find my identity well. It's all thanks to your services, my teacher. You always remind me to pray five times in the mosque, shaum sunnah Monday-Thursday, even up to prayer lail. This is all that escorted my teenage years until it went well.

My teacher ...

What an incredible service-your coat. You are very smart when positioning yourself. Kadag, acting like a parent who always guides and nurtures. On the other hand, you can act as a friend who is always ready to provide support and solutions to any problems that exist anytime. Bahakan, outside of school hours.

A series of sincere prayers always flowing from your lips always accompany every step of my life. The best wishes you have always planted in my soul. The values ​​of "honesty" you always patrikan in my san. Even challenges for the challenge you give me in order for me to become a strong and independent man. That is "a man who is not weathered by the rain and timeless by the heat."

My teacher ...

Sometimes I am sad to see your fate. When there are outstanding students you never appear as a hero. On the other hand, whenever a student behaves in a hurry then all hands refer to you as the culprit. Even when there are unscrupulous teachers (violence on students), as happened some time ago then the whole archipelago will mengathuinya through mass media. This is certainly not fair. As the saying goes, "Nila a speck of broken milk sebelanga."

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Oh God give this teacher my patience in facing all the tests and challenges. And give the power of pual to continue to spread his knowledge. Bless her good will so she can fight optimally. Protect his family so he can protect his protege. Extend his age so that they can create intelligent and conscientious future leaders. Later in turn will replace the rampant leader who is currently rampant. May the future of this nation be like what we all expect. Amien.

My teacher ...

Keeping in mind all your "services," I long for a moment thought of the best way to reciprocate and compensate. However, it always foundered. Gifts and expressions of gratitude are not enough to make up for them .............

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