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Continuing preaching of Aktual.com before, the pattern of life in modern times, requires us to have a busy enough busy. This causes some people often forget their meal hours. And, some of us are now realizing how important a meal is to health. Here are some things to know more about the best times of everyday eating of certain foods. Among them:

Red wine 
Red wine is the best choice during late night or after dinner, rather than during the day. This is because, red wine is rich in antioxidants that can be absorbed better if your body is not active. Also, red wine will definitely make you more relax after a long and exhausting day. 
Orange juice
 This drink became popular as a drink when breakfast time. Orange juice works best when consumed during the day. Loaded with vitamin D and folic acid, orange juice will make you feel energized throughout the day, as well as increase your metabolic rate. 

Dark chocolate
  Many of us know, that chocolate is not a very healthy choice to choose a balanced diet. However, 'dark chocolate', which is high in cocoa and low in sugar, is considered healthy enough. 'Dark chocolate' is also rich in antioxidants and can ideally be consumed at night, as it can reduce blood pressure and improve your mood to be more relaxed. 

Walnuts are very healthy and delicious dried fruits, it is perfect to be a snack at dinner. Walnuts are rich in fiber, biotin and vitamins. It also contains a lower calorific value and can be easily digested. It also makes you have to maintain a healthy weight.

Who does not want to continue to enjoy delicious fruit throughout the day. Unfortunately, however, experts argue that ideally fruits can be consumed in the morning, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and folic acid that work together to keep you feeling fresh and full of energy throughout the day.

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